• Week end Wait

Curtat Tunnel, Les Urbaines, Lausanne 2011. In the building of a former bus station, Florian Graf installed a waiting hall. Behind the reception desk, a young lady offered drinks and asked visitors to fill out a numbered ticket. A driver in a representative car took spectators on a short trip around the block and stopped again in front of the same building where a door man led the guests into a sparse exhibition space showing them the assumed exit. Behind that door though, Florian Graf was waiting in his “studio”. He signed and framed the tickets and thanked for the collaboration explaining that he intended to sell the just created work in a gallery. At this point, it was obvious that the tickets had been individually designed by the artist beforehand. Most visitors wanted to keep the just created work and were able to acquire it back for an exchange or countertrade.

Fotos: Nelly Rodiguez

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