• Stultitia II - Floating Folly
Stultitia II, 2016
Aluminium, Holz, Verputz, Farbe, Glas
10.8 x 4.6 x 5.7 m

Paying homage to Erasmus of Rotterdam, Florian Graf created a sculptural Pavilion, on which he floated down the river Rhine from Basel to Rotterdam, symbolically linking the city where Erasmus died with the city where he was born, providing a platform for dialogues and festivities along the way. Thus, Florian Graf is referring to Erasmus‘ Colloquia familiaria, in which themes such as behaviour and society are discussed in the form of dialogues. At the same time, it’s an allusion to his Praise of Folly (Stultitia Laus), in which the folly – also a characteristic of the arts – is speaking as a driving force in life. The start of the performance was a panel discussion on June 15, 2016 during Art Basel with mayor of  Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb, publisist Roger de Weck  and historian Christine Christ-von Wedel. Guy Morin welcomed und Judith Wipfler moderated the discussion which can be seen online. Also the discussion with rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, pastor Bert Kuipers, philosopher Liesbeth Levy and Erasmus specialist Leo Molenaar, moderated by Geert Maarse was recorded on the sculpture in Rotterdam.
Measures: 10.8 x 4.6 x 5.7 m

• Basel discussion
• Rotterdam discussion
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Many thanks to:
Historisches Museum Basel, CBK Rotterdam, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Comité Erasmus Rotterdam, Port of Switzerland, Pro Helvetia, Vitra, Mitglieder des Vereins für das HMB,
Marcel Henry, BEKA Schiffbau, Maler Dora, Panacek Yacht Design & Engineering GmbH, MSLB Jupiter