• Moon Cage
Moon Cage, 2015
Concrete, brass, hot zinc dipped steel, paint, mirror
80 x 380 x 675 cm

Moon Cage suggests a macrocosm of two full moons, of two round mirrors circling over a gilded cage. The cage is referring formally to the shaft of a Ionic column, thus representing the Apollonian order and resembling an aviary or pillory - a metaphor of being caught. In contrast, the freely swinging arms of the moon-mobile, reflecting the light and the surrounding landscape evoke the nocturnal, dreamy and playful. Moon Cage is a scale-like sculpture balancing out Dionysian relish and societal norms. At the same time, in the Villa Wenkenhof, Florian Graf's House Warming took place.
Installation view Wenkenhof in Riehen, 2015. Fotos: Barbara Kern

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