• Acting Stolby
Acting Stolby, 2014
Wood, paint, climbing holds
2 x 2.4 x 10m

Installation view Krasnojarsk Museum Center, 2014. Sculpture with choreographed climbing performance. Referencing the “Stolby”, figurative rocks in the nature reservation near the city and reminding of a suprematist architekton, the sculpture creates - seen from certain angles - the image of a Russian cross. The New Testament is one of the most challenging utopias coming into conflict with everyday life. It holds the risk of falling. Hermits on pillars (russ. stolp, e.g. described in Nicolai Leskov’s novel Pamphalon the Mountebank) continue this tradition. In Acting Stolby, psychological and physical aspiration, spirituality and sensualism, nature and symbol are involved in a speculative dialogue.

• Interview Colta