• ETH House of Science
Project for the 150th Jubilee of ETH Zurich, 2004-2006. For the 150th anniversary of ETH Zurich, a competition named Luftschloss („castle-in-the-air”) was launched. It required an ephemeral pavilion in Zurich. Instead of designing a temporary structure, Florian Graf, Ivica Brnic and Wolfgang Rossbauer proposed to invest the budget of half a million Swiss Francs in a permanent structure. They suggested to build a student center on the campus of Bamiyan-University which would facilitate the exchange of knowledge between Afghan and Swiss students. During the festive period in Zurich, an installation was set up, imitating a construction site in which posts were set up to demarcate the volume to be built in Afghanistan. Furthermore, an exhibition and several talks and events took place. The design was based on regional traditions and climatic research. The building was inaugurated in 2006.